Strengthen the immune system in winter

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Strengthen the immune system in winter

Strengthen the immune system in winter


In addition, viruses spread particularly quickly during the cold season due to crowds of people. Where many people in your environment sneeze and cough, the probability of infection is high.

Many infections are unpleasant, but manageable for people with a good defence reaction. However, this does not apply to influenza. This serious infectious disease leads to extreme weakening of the body with sudden, high fever, rhinitis, sore throat and headaches. Particularly dangerous is that it can often lead to secondary infections such as pneumonia, bronchitis, inflammation of the ear, nose and throat and even heart muscle inflammation. It is therefore possible that influenza can be fatal, especially in weak, sick or elderly people.

strengthen the immune system – prevention is better than treatment

> Basically, there is the possibility of influenza vaccination. This is particularly recommended for persons at risk to avoid pneumonia and similar dangerous complications. Risk persons are the elderly and persons with chronic diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

A strong immune system remains the all-round health tool par excellence, because a strong immune system usually fights off diseases and inflammations effectively. It is therefore important to keep the immune system on its toes. An immune build-up cure at the beginning of the cold season is therefore very advisable.

A strong immune system through alternative medicine and vital substances

For an optimal execution of its physiological functions, our body needs a sufficient supply of vital substances. Some of these vital substances are characterized by their extremely positive influence on the immune system. But nature also offers many possibilities for strengthening the immune system. Especially in the field of alternative medicine there are good options to keep the immune system active. The Naschmarkt pharmacy offers you a range of highly effective in-house preparations, such as a very good TCM mixture Jade Windshield from Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition, we have the homeopathic drops Abwehrkrafts and the Schüssler salt mixture Abwehrkraft for you. All these remedies can also be taken effectively as a preventive measure.

Zinc is one of the most important vital substances. Zinc is a trace element which is becoming more and more important. It is a key element for an effective work of the immune system and is therefore an insider tip for a strong immune system.Selenium is another trace element that is just as important for a well-prepared immune system.

Vitamin D also shows a positive effect on the immune system by modulating the activity of immune cells.

Vitamin C was for a long time the number 1 disease prevention agent. However, the latest findings show that it does not have the importance of the supervitamin that was attributed to it. A large-scale study commissioned by the EU concluded that vitamin C can only “moderately contribute to a healthy immune system”.

Plant secondary substances such as citrus bioflavonoids, beta-glucans and probiotics support the body’s defence mechanisms. A daily walk in the fresh air also supports your immune system.

Doing something good for your immune system

>Many of the vital substances mentioned are not or no longer consumed in sufficient quantities in today’s diet. In this case a substitution with high-quality preparations from your pharmacy would be a sensible alternative. There are a number of high-quality combination preparations such as the vital substance-rich Pure Encapsulations Immunaktiv capsules, Immun 44Saft, capsules or lozenges or Superimmun capsules, juice or granulate. Esberitox, Kaloba, Meditonsin and Metavirulents are also good means of stimulating your immune system.

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